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AI Guy
We're currently working on healthcare AI software to sell to skilled nursing facilities. The software aims to make various aspects of the job easier, faster and more reliable.

Fast Tree Care
We just had our first $20k week at Fast Tree Care! We're growing 20% month over month with no signs of slowing down!

Mining Syndicate
Bitcoin hit a 17-month high this week - up 25% due to the ETF rumors. This means not only are we happy, but our customers are happy, too! We're confident the bear market won't last too much longer which means Bitcoin will be back stronger than ever!

Better Parks
Our Waco, TX RV park is 1 spot away from 100% occupancy!

Other Bets
We're also working on some stealth projects in the pet cremation and Mexican apparel space, so stay tuned!
Posts of the Week

Your Exact Path to $20k/Month in 3 Months

Click here to read the complete guide.

ECommerce gets a bad rap at times because many a guru has sold worthless dropshipping courses. Why do dropshipping courses sell so well? Because it’s the allure of easy money.

Someone else does all the work and you just pop in on your Facebook ads campaign now and then. Nope, those days are long gone, and that’s a good thing.

Of all the niches I’ve had my hands in, I probably know the most about eCommerce. To quickly recap:

From 2010 - 2013 I had a chain of iPhone repair stores. Our 2nd biggest revenue line was buying back and re-selling devices on eBay.

In 2013 I launched LCDcycle, a, 8 figure company that sold iPhone parts on a Shopify site. I ran this for 7 years before exiting.

In 2019 I launched Send Eats. A fulfillment company for dozens of Shopify brands in the food space. We fired all of our customers and wound it down because fulfillment is a horrible business.

In 2020 I launched Texas Snax. We’re the unofficial exclusive reseller of all Buc-ee’s products online, with around 90% market share (totally guessed). We’re doing over $400k/month and will do 8 figures in 2024 at around 16% net margins, if all goes well!

In 2021 I launched Mining Syndicate, a Shopify store for crypto miners. This is an 8 figure company and still going strong(er that it was going when BTW was at $16k). I’m also hopeful that BTC’s resurrection makes for a great 2024.

I am addicted to the dopamine hit of someone in another state or country finding your site and placing an order. It’s magical!

I love Shopify. Lately, I’ve been falling in love with Shopify’s email-focused counterpart, Klaviyo...

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