We're always on the lookout for enthusiastic, entrepreneurial people who have a passion for start-ups, learning, and all things business! Join our ever growing team and be part of myriad of exciting opportunities.

Who are we looking for?
People with inherent entrepreneurial drive and motivation. Someone who is a little wacky and willing to experiment with unconventional marketing techniques. Someone that knows their way around a spreadsheet. Someone who obsesses over ideas and and has a default setting for action. If you were that kid starting side hustles in high school, you're probably exactly what we're looking for. If you want something predictable then this isn't for you.

What will you be working on?
All things growth hacking, marketing, software, spreadsheets, learning, A/B testing, etc. We want to show you a little bit of everything we know and then mentor you as you run with it. Our start ups are incredibly diverse from landscaping, AI, reselling, real estate, content creation, and so much more.

We have a thousand ideas for new businesses but don't have the time to handle it all. That's where you come in! We hire people to help start and grow new companies, and on occasion, we also partner with existing companies to help with their growth. We always have job openings because we're always creating new companies and always working alongside other names in the business!

How do you apply?
There are several ways you can apply:
1. Through JoinHandshake if you have an account. You can find our profile with the jobs available by searching for CoFounders or Chris Koerner. This is the best way for you to apply and for us to receive all the necessary information in your application.
2. Fill out this form by clicking here if you don't have an account with JoinHandshake.
3. Send your resume to