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Chris Koerner

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Recent Wins & Updates

AI Guy

We're currently working on healthcare AI software to sell to skilled nursing facilities. The software aims to make various aspects of the job easier, faster and more reliable.

Fast Tree Care

We just had our first $20k week at Fast Tree Care! We're growing 20% month over month with no signs of slowing down!

Mining Syndicate

Bitcoin hit a 17-month high this week - up 25% due to the ETF rumors. This means not only are we happy, but our customers are happy, too! We're confident the bear market won't last too much longer which means Bitcoin will be back stronger than ever!

Better Parks

Our Waco, TX RV park is 1 spot away from 100% occupancy!

Other Bets

We're also working on some stealth projects in the pet cremation and Mexican apparel space, so stay tuned!

Bootcamp Launch!

This week, Nik and I launched a tree biz bootcamp! We're hosting several events for people to come and learn everything they need to know about starting their own tree care business. After making the announcement on X, we were excited by the response and number of sign ups from entrepreneurs all over the country.

If you're interested in us placing you with an entrepreneur to start a tree trimming business for salary + equity, then respond to this newsletter to express your interest.

Posts of the Week

Brief Insight into Fast Tree Care

2023 timeline of James (CoFounder applicant) and Fast Tree Care.

  • Early June - James incorporates the biz and gets insurance in place.
  • Late June - James moves to Dallas and finds an apartment.
  • Late June - James’ roommate sucks and keeps his deposit, so he finds a better apartment with a better roommate.
  • Early July - The biz is launched, but it’s going slowly. It takes about 2 weeks to find our footing and our first job. Yikes. The first job is always the hardest. We’re looking for crews and our first job at the same time. We’re building a plane as we’re falling from the sky. This feels familiar!
  • Mid July - James is planting yard signs all over DFW and getting cussed out by HOAs. We finally find a couple crews but aren’t sure if they’re any good or not yet. The best crews are too busy and the worst crews don’t show up.
  • Mid July - We get our first job! $200, lol. We'll take it! We’re stoked. Right now we're looking for traction and 5 star reviews, not profit.
  • Mid - Late July - More jobs! We clock $3k in revenue the second half of July without really trying much online marketing yet whatsoever.
  • August - We start finding our groove and learning which crews we can rely on and end up booking $17k in revenue, profitably.
  • September - We really start ramping up some proprietary marketing methods (not just FB and Google) and now we are constrained by crews and not jobs. $33k in revenue at 30% net margins.
  • October - More of the same, but on track to double again.
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