Newsletter #3

Chris Koerner

Weekly Newsletter #3

Applicant Spotlight

In each edition, we shine a light on an exceptional applicant whose passion and story captured our attention. Dive in and discover the talents and journeys of those eager to join our community and get inspired!

Note: We redact personal and identifying information when required.

My name is Jackson M. and I’m a Junior at [University Name] pursuing a [Degree Name]. My focus is on leadership and business growth. My family has a background in the [Industry Name] industry, and while it's an honor to be part of such a legacy, I feel the need to carve out my own path.

My whole life, I’ve been driven to excel in my career, and I believe this opportunity aligns with that drive. Here are five things to know about me:

  1. My priorities, in order, are Faith, Family, Friends, Business, and lastly, myself.
  2. I firmly believe that integrity is vital, and I bring that along with dedication to my professional life.
  3. I’m versatile and eager to learn in any area I dive into.
  4. I believe that without risk, there's limited potential for growth.
  5. My interpersonal skills have always enabled me to build and maintain strong relationships.

I’m confident in the unique perspective and commitment I can bring. I'd be grateful for an opportunity to discuss this further, either over the phone or in person.

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Starting next week, this section will be dedicated to real stories from entrepreneurs discussing a day in their lives. This could include what a typical day looks like for them, or a day more out of the ordinary through the good and the bad. Here's an example.

Posts of the Week

CoFounder Spotlight

Zack, from London, was one of our first CoFounders hires, he moved to Dallas after graduating from the University of Chicago. He's been growing our AI Newsletter by 20% a week. He's a true rockstar and we love having him as part of the team! Subscribe to the newsletter here and get a free copy of the 10 Best AI Tools to Automate Your Life.

AI Guy

AI tools can make daily tasks easier by freeing up time, brain power, and even money for many people. The AI Guy was set up to help people stay on top of the latest news, AI tool releases, learn about how to use AI to improve their lives, and have fun!

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